Friends Gallery

Friends Gallery

Space is available to:

  • Public schools’ art works on a three year rotation
  • Several established artists’ groups on either rotation or annually
  • Established individual artists (including photographers) on a three year rotation

Inquiries should be directed to the Gallery Chairperson at 518-792-6508 x226.

There are no restrictions on style, subject, or media that may be shown. Though sculpture is perfectly welcome, the hollow rectangular configuration of the gallery space is not very congenial to any, but relatively small sculptures.

The Friends of Crandall Public Library make the exhibition space available free of charge, although donations are welcome and often received. The gallery is not involved in any sales. However, a complete price list may be posted.

In most cases, the gallery schedule will be one month per exhibit. If the exhibitor wishes to have a reception, use of the travel/biography room may be arranged by submitting a Meeting Room request form at the Reference Desk. During the months of May – October we ask that you hold a reception (5-8pm) on the Third Thursday of the month as we are participating in the Art Walks.

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