Co-Sponsored Programs

Library Co-Sponsored Programs for Adults Policy

It is the mission of Crandall Public Library to create programs and services to educate, enrich, and encourage our thriving community. Our vision is to cultivate a forward thinking community that pursues knowledge, embraces inclusion, inspires creativity, and values civic responsibility.

Definition: A co-sponsored program is a program initiated by a community member or organization in coordination with Library staff to provide programming to the public.

Co-sponsored programs are intended to promote and enhance the collections, services, mission, and vision of Crandall Public Library. Submissions must demonstrate how they complement the Library’s mission and vision.

Requests for co-sponsored programs are reviewed by Library staff and will be selected on a variety of criteria including, but not limited to:

  • Relevance to the Library’s Vision and Mission
  • Anticipated quality of the program
  • Relationship to existing Library programs
  • Scheduling
  • Available resources including personnel

Co-sponsored programs must be free and open to the public, and must be held within regular Library operating hours. Co-sponsored programs may not be used for commercial, religious, or partisan purposes, or for the solicitation of business. The Library must approve the sale of any items beforehand. Library co-sponsorship does not constitute an endorsement of the content or views expressed.

Co-sponsored programs are planned 3-6 months in advance. Forms must be submitted during the appropriate submission period and incomplete proposals will not be accepted. Submission does not guarantee acceptance and prior approval of a co-sponsored program does not guarantee approval for future events.

Proposal Submission Program Taking Place During
August 1 - September 1 January, February, March
November 1 - December 1 April, May, June
February 1 - March 1 July, August, September
May 1 - June 1 October, November, December

Co-Sponsored Program Request Form will be available in August

Organizations will be notified via email of acceptance or rejection within 30 days of the end of submission time (ex: an organization submitting during the August submission period will be notified by September 30).

Meeting rooms are also available for programs not co-sponsored by the library. Please see our Meeting Room information page.

If the program is accepted:

  • Crandall Public Library will:
    • Assign a staff liaison as your contact 
    • Have a staff designee available during your program
    • Provide space and set-up
    • Collaborate on and disseminate publicity
    • Evaluate and maintain program statistics
  • The organization or individual will:
    • Provide a contact person who is authorized to make decisions and will attend the program
    • Coordinate and communicate with Library liaison in the planning and promotion of the program