Dear Library Supporter,


We at Crandall Public Library strive to offer services fairly and equally to everyone but, in reality, barriers to Library access exist. Some people cannot get to the Library, and that’s a pretty big obstacle to accessing our extensive on-site collection. There are countless reasons a person may be unable to leave his or her home, some temporary, some long-term. These individuals are just as likely as you to rely on the Library as a source for information and entertain- ment. In many ways they are the ones who need us most. So we propose an answer – a program that delivers the Library directly to these underserved patrons via the post office. We invite you to be part of the solution with a donation to Crandall Public Library’s new Library by Mail program.

With Library by Mail, Crandall card holders can order items by phone or online, which will then be mailed directly to their homes. They may choose from the catalog or call a Librarian for assistance with their search. There is no cost to the patron; return postage is provided. Library by Mail is not included in the Library budget, but I am confident that compassionate and insightful donors like you will make it happen and help sustain the program into the future.

Consider those who will benefit from your kindness…

  • A senior citizen who can no longer drive. She lives on her own and can’t get to the Library. She’s not on a bus route and, given her fixed income, a cab is not an option. Reading is a wonderful escape for her, but books are pricey and she has no internet for Library ebooks. Using Library by Mail, this senior will be able to borrow plenty of books to keep her reading. She’ll also enjoy connecting with our friendly Librarians when she calls for recommendations. 
  • A fourteen year old who lives in the Library district but miles from downtown Glens Falls. He wants to excel in school but often can’t get the books and articles he needs for assignments because, unfortunately, he can’t rely on his parents to take him to the Library. He bikes sometimes, but it’s hard during colder months. Through Library by Mail, he will be able to request the materials he needs. He’ll have the same fighting chance as the other kids; the playing field will be leveled.
  • A young mother with a new baby and an older child at home. Her four year old is starting to read and LOVES books. Getting to the Library is next to impossible with a newborn, though they do plan to venture out in just a couple of months. Mom would love a variety of children’s books, plus movies that would keep her older child occupied when the baby is especially fussy. Their budget is too tight to purchase these items. Library by Mail would be perfect for this family right now.

Your gift to the Library by Mail Start-Up Campaign will help us break through these barriers and ensure everyone can access their Library. Our plan is to launch the program in 2017 – we need $35,000 to make it happen. We sincerely appreciate your past support and know that, with your continued generosity, this goal is well within reach. Thank you for furthering our mission to educate, enrich, and encourage our thriving community.

With warm regards,

Kathleen U. Naftaly