Programs and Services - Health Journals

Current issues of our medical journals are shelved in the Hoopes Room with the other magazines and periodicals. Back issues are kept for 2 years.

Can’t find the particular journal article that you are looking for? Just ask! Articles can be requested from other libraries through interlibrary loan. (There may be a charge depending on the policy of the owning library). Stop at the Reference Desk for more information or call (518) 792-6508 ext. 246.

Medical Journals available at Crandall Public Library

American Journal of Nursing
Arthritis Today
Biology Digest
Child Health Alert
Consumer Reports on Health
Coping with Cancer
Diabetes Self-Management
Harvard Health Letter
Harvard Heart Letter
Harvard Men’s Health Watch
Harvard Mental Health Letter
Harvard Women’s Health Watch
Health News
Heart Advisor
Journal of the American Medical Association
Johns Hopkins Medical Letter
Mayo Clinic Health Letter
Natural Health
New England Journal of Medicine
Nutrition Action Health Letter
Psychology Today
Stroke Connection Magazine
Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter
University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter
Women’s Health Advisor
YOGA Journal