About the Library - Internet Policies

Internet Policies Approved:          4/21/04
Crandall Public Library Revised:   8/30/06; 9/26/08; 3/31/16

Crandall Public Library allows free and open access to all sources of information in the Library. The Internet is a valuable source of information, which allows the Library to offer resources not currently available in print and non-print collections. The Library has no control over the quality or accuracy of information found on the Internet. Customers are warned that use of the Internet is at their own discretion.

The Library shall provide technology protection on its computers designated for minors 17 and under to the extent practical to block access by minors to inappropriate material and visual images on the Internet that are “obscene,” “child pornography,” or “harmful to minors.” Display of sexually graphic images is not permitted on any computer in the Library. Access to computers in both the Children’s Department and the Teen Center at the Library will be through the use of filtering software. Library customers should know that the Library’s ability to block access to the materials and visual depiction outlined above is dependent upon the limits of the filtering software. Library staff can remove the filtering upon request by adult patrons, age 18 and above, to provide access to “bona fide research and other lawful purposes.”

All computers will be labeled in a manner as to clearly indicate if a filter is in use. Restrictions by area are as follows:

  • 1st floor Internet Room—Use, adults age 18 and up only. These computers are NOT filtered. (Children allowed on computer only when accompanied by parent or guardian.)
  • 2nd floor Teen Center—Use, teens ages 13-17. These computers are filtered. (Parent or guardian allowed on computer only when accompanied by teen.)
  • 2nd floor Children’s Department—Use, children 12 and under. These computers are filtered. (Parent or guardian allowed on computer only when accompanied by child.)
  • 2nd floor Meeting Room—NO filtering. (Computer lab only available during monitored staff training/public classes.)

The Library does not assume responsibility for sites viewed by children that are not successfully blocked by filtering software. Parents and legal guardians are strongly advised that filtering software is not a guarantee that children will not see material that parents and legal guardians will find objectionable. It is the ultimate responsibility of parents and legal guardians to limit use of and monitor the use of Library resources for their children, including the Internet. Parents may prohibit their children’s use of the Internet at the Library by written request.

Internet Use Rules and Procedures

  • Patrons in good standing may access the Internet computers.
  • Adult patrons are required to sign up in person using their library card for a maximum of two hours per day on a first come, first served basis. Sign-up is directly on the computer.
  • Due to space limitations, only two people may use one workstation at any given time.
  • The staff has limited time to provide instruction to the public in use of the Internet on a daily basis. Classes are held to instruct customers in the use of the Internet at no charge.
  • The Library may restrict or terminate the use of the Internet or library computers or library privileges if patrons are being disruptive, this includes viewing materials that may be objectionable in a public library setting.
  • The Internet or the library’s computers and the library may not be used for any purpose, which violates local, state and/or federal laws. Unlawful use could result in the library taking legal action and the revocation of any Internet privileges.
  • Before patrons leave terminals, they are requested to exit their session.

Policy on Visitor Use of the Internet

If you are not a permanent resident or owner of real property in the SALS/MVLS service area you may use the Internet, however identification is required and a temporary computer pass may be issued at the time of use. Display of sexually graphic images is not permitted on any computer in the Library.

Wireless Internet Limitations and Disclaimers

  • Wireless access is provided as a public service free of charge on an “as is” basis with no guarantee and no warranty; nor is the making of a connection guaranteed.
  • At its sole discretion, the Crandall Public Library Board of Trustees may terminate this public service at anytime without prior notice.
  • Information passing through Crandall Public Library’s wireless access is not secured and could be monitored, captured, or altered by others.
    It is the user’s sole responsibility to protect his or her information from all risks associated with using the Internet, including any damage, loss, or theft that may occur as a result of use of Crandall Public Library wireless access.
  • Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance and assumes no responsibility for laptop configurations, security or changes to data files resulting from connection to the Library’s network.
  • In using this free Internet access, the user agrees to hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless, the Crandall Public Library District, its officers and employees, and any affiliate, from any damage that may result in the user’s use of this wireless access.
  • While using this wireless access, the user acknowledges that he or she is subject to, and agrees to abide by all laws, and all rules and regulations of the Crandall Public Library, the City of Glens Falls, Warren County, the State of New York, and the United States government that is applicable to Internet use. Display of sexually graphic images is not permitted on any computer in the Library.
  • Wireless printing is available via PrinterOn.
  • Sound must be muted or personal headphones must be used.

Message To Parents About Surfing the Internet (.pdf)