About the Library - General Rules

Crandall Public Library Rules

The Following Activities are Prohibited:


Any behavior that interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of the Library,

such as:

  • Disruptions—loud talking, swearing, horseplay, disorderly conduct, etc.
  • Possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs or using the Library while appearing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Harassing or threatening of other patrons or of Library staff
  • Loitering or soliciting

Behavior that creates health/environmental hazards, such as:

  • Use of tobacco products in building, adjacent sidewalks and Crandall Trust property
  • Pets in the library (except for service and/or therapy animals)
  • Displaying a weapon of any type
  • Bare feet or no shirt (clothing is not optional)
  • Unattended personal items (may result in items being inventoried and removed)
  • Using the Library restrooms for bathing, shaving, intimate activities, washing hair or clothing
  • Causing strong pervasive odors that constitute a nuisance to others including consuming meals whose aromas penetrate the facility

Computer use in violation of policy, such as:

  • Display of sexually graphic images on any personal or Library owned electronic device in the library
  • Food or drink at computer workstations or near Library-owned electronics

Defacing or abuse of Library property, such as:

  • Vandalism including clipping of books, newspapers or magazines
  • Feet on tables, chairs, equipment or against walls
  • Obstructing aisles or access to Library facilities, furnishings or equipment
  • Using the furniture or floors as a crash pad or camp site; “camping” refers to using the Library to lay down or sleep in a reclined position
  • Sitting on shelves, ledges, bookcases or playing with book carts

Cell Phone Use and Conversational Guidelines

  • Please silence your cell phone ringer and other electronics’ sound effects upon entering the Library. This includes headphone and speaker capabilities.
  • Please keep cell phone calls and interpersonal conversations quiet and short.
  • Loud or extended cell phone exchanges or interpersonal conversations should be taken to the entry door areas or outside as these are considered disruptive.
  • Quiet Reading Room and Adjacent Quiet Reading Porch: Please refrain from cell phone use and unnecessary or extended conversation in these areas. Use of other electronics must not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the space.

Any unlawful behavior is prohibited in the Library in compliance with

City of Glens Falls Ordnances
Violation of library rules may result in loss of library privileges,

including being banned from the premises.

Adopted by the Crandall Public Library Board of Trustees September 24, 2008

[Modified May 21, 2010, May 1, 2013 and March 2, 2016]