Folklife - Past Exhibitions

2017Wings Falls Quilters GuildRights, Race & Revolutions by Grey Villet

2016 The Dream of AmericaCharles Evans Hughes: A Native Son

2015 A Transitional Interpretation: American Roots Music By Five PhotographersBattenkill Inspired

2014 • Collecting Lake George: Maps, Prints, Postcards & Other Memorabilia • Celebrating Women's Creative Hands & Spirits • Stable Views: Voices and Stories from the Thoroughbred Racetrack

2013 • Inspiring Hands, Heart & Mind: The Arts & Crafts of the Adirondack Folk School • Heaven Runs Down to the Lake: 100 Years of YMCA Camp Chingachgook

2012 • Odetta The Queen of Folk • Dance Masks of Guatemala

2011 • Foodways: Documenting the Local • Dreaming Cows • Glens Falls Hospital Guild

2010 • Come Sit ‘a Spell • This Seat Taken lol • Stand up. Be heard • Fran & Irv Shapiro Folk Music Record Library • Guess What I Collect • Glens Falls & WWII

2009 • Great River of the Mountains • Folk Arts All Around Us • I’d Be Delighted To Go • Guess What I Collect • Indian Camps & Upstate Tourism

December 12, 2008 new Folklife Gallery in renovated CPL

2007-2008 Temporary Move to SALS (loss of original Folklife Gallery)• (LD) Godnick’s Building History • Guess What I Collect • (TE) Folk Arts All Around Us

2006 • Fair Fotos: Agricultural Portraits by Clifford Oliver • Photograph Your World: Youth Photographers • In Place: The Photographs of Neil Rappaport • (TE) Peaveys, Pike Poles, & Picaroons

2005 • Summer Camp Memories • Crandall Library’s Building History • Photograph Your World: Youth Photographers Spring Show • Dreaming Cows: Betty LaDuke’s Photographs, Drawings & Paintings inspired by Heifer International Uganda/Rwanda Tour • Photograph Your World: Youth Photographers • Partners for Lake Champlain • (LD) Guess What I Collect • (TE) Paper Arts • Adirondack Women • Folklife Programs

2004 • 100 Years of Cameras & Projectors 1860-1960: An Exhibition from the Collection of Russell Serrianne • Home & Loved Ones: My Paintings & Their Stories by Clara Mae Towers Orto • Paper Arts: Festival Masks, Origami, Snowflakes, Paper Dolls, May Baskets by Local Artists • Land & Liberty: Murals of Chiapas Mexico • (LD) Homemade Halloween: A Community Exhibition of Handmade Masks, Costumes, & Family Photographs • Guess What I Collect • (TE) Women of the Adirondacks • Peaveys, Pike Poles & Picaroons • Musical Memories of the Adirondacks • Folk Arts All Around Us

2003 • Harnessing the Hudson: Industrial-Site Photography by Gretchen McHugh & a Pantheon of 19th Century Artists • The Sound of Stone: Michael Noonan’s photographs & Christopher Gregory’s stonework • Family Stories, Family Sagas: An Audiovisual exhibit

2002 • Women of the Adirondacks: Woodcut Portraits by Cheryl Mirer • Revolutionary Lives: Crafts of the Rev War Community • Small Farm Season: Photographs of a local, organic farm by Julie Simms • Over & Under, Around & Through: Basket Weaving in North Carolina • (LD)Memorial for Vaughn Ward
Wooden mechanical toys • Snowshoes • Navajo wedding dolls • Chainsaw carved bear • Toy barn • Bird carving • Fish taxidermy • Shovel maker • Fishing Flies

2001 • Musical Mosaic: Alan Lomax in Italy, Spain, West Indies, American South. Field Photography & Recordings 1952-62 • Nature Explored: A Youthful Vision • Let It Shine: An Exhibition of Paintings by Stephen Alcorn • (LD) Wooden mechanical toys • Navajo wedding dolls • Chainsaw carved bear • Toy barn • Bird carving • Fish Taxidermy • Painted canes • Pysanky

2000 • If Only They Could Talk: Dolls, Stories, & the Spirit of Doll Making • Hello! from Saga City Japan • Musical Memories of the Adirondacks • Folk Art from the Trees

1999 • A Rainbow At Night • Folk Arts from the Trees • American Folklife • (LD) African Thorn Carving • Fish Taxidermy • Chainsaw Carved Bear • Washington County Wool Tour • Fred Hill’s Meg’s Snow Cycle • (TE) • Musical Memories of the Adirondacks • Peaveys, Pike Poles & Picaroons

1998 • Maya Textile Tradition: photographs by Jeffrey Jay Foxx with textiles from Mayan Hands, MayaWorks, duFlon Collection, International Maya League • An Ongoing Voyage • Folk Arts from the Trees • Peaveys, Pike Poles & Picaroons • (LD) Granddaughters of Corn photographs by Marilyn Anderson & Jonathan Garlock

1997 • Traditions on Ice: Fishing, Skating, Harvest • Memory Art of Mildred Louise Covell Lloyd (LD) Chainsaw Carved Bear by Bob Sutliff • Handcarved Noah’s Ark by Tom Wilkins • Pysanky in Easter Basket by Marge Prehoda • Sheep & Fiber Tour of Washington County • Bird Carvings by Bob Jones • Adirondack Guide-Boat Model by David Kavner • Soap, Everlastings, & Woolens by Steele, Southerland & DePaul • (TE) Peaveys, Pike Poles, & Picaroons: Moving Logs from Stump to Mill in the Adirondacks

1996 • Documenting the Homefront: People of Glens Falls during World War II •
Amusements, Summer Camps & Dude Ranches • American Cowboy • (LD) Adirondack Pack Basket by Jack Leadley • Washington County Wool & Fiber Tour • Christmas Tradition: Balsam Pillows • Selections from the Old Children’s Book Collection • Fishing Flies by Marc Francato • Handcarved Noah’s Ark by Tom Wilkins • Halloween Memorabilia by Robert & Barbara Strangfeld • 350th Anniversary of Father Jogues curated by Robert Nellis • Rustic Furniture by Barry Gregson

1995 • Folklife Gallery born (May 24, 1995 Folklife Center official opening)
(DL) American Folklife: A Commonwealth of Cultures • Scenes from Growing Up in the North Country • photographs & maps • Glens Falls Community Theatre
• Earlier displays in CPL Lobby (eg. Balsam Traditions) and Friends Gallery (eg. Folk Arts in the Adirondacks)